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Getting a Professional Opinion

A structural engineer can determine whether any of these warning signs point to normal settling or to structural damage. Expect to pay $500-$700 for a structural engineer to inspect your foundation and provide an evaluation, and as much as $2,000 for a full set of drawings for an engineered solution.

What Does Fixing a Foundation Cost?
These are several methods for fixing foundation wall problems, including:

Bolting on steel braces ($500-$70 each, spaced about 6 feet apart along the wall) or using epoxy to glue on straps of carbon-fiber mesh ($350-$450 each, similarly spaced).

Underpinning the foundation with helical screws or concrete piers. Installation costs $1,200-$1,500 per pier, with one every 6 to 8 feet.
A whole new foundation, which can run up to $40,000.

If you find small cracks (less than 1/16-inch wide), paint over them with a concrete waterproofing paint (about $25/gallon). Then check periodically to see whether the paint has cracked, which means the gap is opening up under pressure.

Reading Foundation Cracks

As concrete cures, it shrinks slightly. Where the concrete can’t shrink evenly, it tends to crack. Concrete and block foundations usually have at least a few cracks. The trick is recognizing which are insignificant and which are serious. Here’s a list from least to most serious:

Hairline cracks in the mortar between concrete blocks are rarely worth worrying about.

Cracks at an L-shape section, such as where a foundation steps down to follow a hillside, are probably shrinkage cracks, especially if they meander and taper down to a hairline. These aren’t a structural issue, though you might need to plug them to keep the basement or crawl space dry.

Stair-step cracks in masonry joints are a bigger concern, especially if the wall is bulging or the crack is wider than ¼ inch. A plugged gutter or other moisture problem outside is probably exerting pressure on that part of the wall.

Horizontal cracks are most serious. It may be that water-saturated soil froze and expanded, pushing in and breaking the foundation. Or, you may have soil that expands when damp and shrinks when dry. The bad news: You probably need a whole new foundation.

As these are estimates, the most important thing that you can do for the safety of your family is NOT to think that you can identify or worse, fix the cracked foundation repair yourself. Always seek and implement the services of a qualified and trained professional as whatever the cost to fix the problem, your family is worth it.

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